Did you know that Hanson Renaissance Court Reporters & Video is a member of the National Network Reporting Company (NNRC)? Our membership in NNRC gives our clients global coverage for their services. This means, for example, if a Detroit-area law firm has a deposition in Kansas City or Cleveland, one of our affiliates can provide the service under our auspices. Conversely, if a law firm anywhere outside Detroit or Michigan needs to schedule a service anywhere in Michigan our team can provide the realtime reporter, videographer, conference room and any other resource for the service.

Our presence in the NNRC court reporters directory also means our clients can book a service with us and for our offices directly. It gives our clients more versatile ways to schedule a deposition or any other legal need including meetings and trial support.

Between Trial Technology Presentation and Remote Depositions, the dynamics of court reporting and presenting cases are changing rapidly. This makes 24/7 mobile booking even more important in the grand scheme of a successful case preparation. This is whey Hanson Renaissance Court Reporting and Video is committed to offering our clients global coverage and a local quality of service.

For more information visit our offices or give us a call at 313) 567-8100.